Any order with a quantity of 10 or more units is considered a Bulk Order & it cannot be canceled under any circumstances.

For other orders, one cannot cancel the order and demand a refund once the order is successfully placed and processed by the payment gateway.

Refund requests will only be considered post-application of ₹100 which are standard Cancellation Charges and in the following cases, they will be refunded in the form of MON coins and can be used to make purchases in the future.

  1. If the buyer does not get the delivery of the ordered products within 15 days if the Ministry Of Nuts fails to ship the ordered products.
  2. If the shipping location is not serviced by our partner courier companies.

Refund Requests are not acceptable when:

  1. No refund requests will be accepted for damaged products. Damaged products will be exchanged as per our exchange policy.
  2. No Returns will be accepted if a customer wants to return the product for the reason that he/she doesn’t like it after delivery of the product or feels the product doesn’t match his or her expectations.
  3. Incorrect or insufficient address or contact numbers mentioned by the customer
  4. Non-availability of the recipient at the mentioned address and/or premises
  5. Refusal to accept products
  6. Delivered at the place/to the person specifically mentioned by the customer other than the customer himself.
  7. Force majeure event
  8. In case the product has undergone any tampering by the customer
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